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Canine Behaviour & Obedience Training



When a dog comes into our lives and homes they know very little about our human world. As their family, we need to guide and teach them how to be safe, confident and sociable around people and other animals.

All dogs of all Ages, Size, Breeds and Backgrounds, will need to learn these life skills.



Canine behaviour challenges range from different levels in every individual dog. We can help rehabilitate your dog with their particular challenge, along with helping you to understand the causes and how to continue with their improvement.

To discuss your dog's individual challenge please contact me to arrange a consultation.



Consultation: £100 - Consultations are important for the trainer as we can see first-hand what the root causes are for your particular challenges. These are equally important for you to see if you agree with the methods and techniques used by the trainer. After all, the owner and the trainer need to work together as a team.


Single session: £80 - This is a one-off training session.

Block sessions: £250 - A block session is 5 sessions minimum to which allows for structured planning. 

In-between the sessions K9KIN is on hand via text to give advice and guidance.

Custom Sessions: Price to be discussed based on quantity and frequency of sessions.

Puppy Package: £800 - Great option for first-time owners or if your first time with a new breed. Please enquire about the details of this package.

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