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Canine first aid and emergency care

Our dogs cannot verbally tell us they don’t feel well or that they are injured and unfortunately will "suffer in silence".

As an Owner, Groomer or Caregiver/Walker​, This course is designed to teach you how to recognize, identify and treat any first aid and emergency care situation. Where first aid differs in dogs from humans, This course is an ultimate collection from the various Canine first aid courses and hands-on scenarios I have done over the years, learning from Veterinary clinics and independent courses.

You will learn:

  1. How to check the vital signs of a healthy dog – when its time to call the vet

  2. Dog’s ‘Fight or Flight response

  3. Dangers at home

  4. Dog first aid kit – what you need

  5. Understand the signs of pain

  6. How to apply a bandage and what kind

  7. Burns, Scalds, Hyperthermia and Hypothermia

  8. Poisons

  9. Insect stings, Bites, Seizures

  10. Facial and Paw injuries

  11. Cuts and Hemorrhage's

  12. Fractures

  13. How to act if there is a dog fight

  14. Shock 

  15. What is CPA and how to perform CPR on your dog

  16. Your self-care


Included with this course is a binder with the information that I will teach you to take home and refer to at any time.

Price - £120

Duration – 10am to 4pm

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