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Dog body language – how to talk with your dog

Our dogs talk to us and each other with their body, do you know what they are saying?

As an Owner: You have friends over and they want to fuss your dog, maybe take a photo. Is your dog ok with this or do they find it stressful and intimidating?

As a Groomer: You are grooming the dog and as you switch equipment and the dog starts acting strange. Is this fear? Is this a warning how will you communicate to the dog that it is ok?

As a Caregiver/Walker: You have a client’s dog that wants to meet a new dog. What body language is this new dog displaying? Is it friendly or showing signs of aggression?

This course is designed to teach you how to recognize and identify your dog’s mood and emotion and identify any fear, stress, or happiness signals. This will greatly increase your bond with your dog or your client’s dog.

You will learn:


The different positions and meanings of:

  • Eyes

  • Ears

  • Mouth

  • Tail


Body postures

  • Affiliative

  • Appeasement

  • Agonistic


Doggy Consent

  • Does your dog really want a belly rub?

  • Are they feeling like a photoshoot?


Vocal language

  • Howls

  • Growls

  • Yelps

  • Grunts

  • Barks


Play signals

  • Is your dog playing or being aggressive?

  • When play turns to fight

Dominance and Submissive

Stress signals

Displacement behaviour

The yawn

Dog Manners

Human to dog talk 


Included with this course is a binder with the information that I will teach for you to take home and refer to at any time.

Price - £120   Duration – 10am to 4pm

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